Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Final Part

KP and Snos organised Lee Welch from Red Cross to come and talk to our class and pick up the money we raised. She told us about some of the history of the organisation as well as what Red Cross does around the world. 100% of the money donated to Red Cross goes to help people in places around the world where natural disasters or conflict occur.

Lee Welch
Red Cross

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Time Has Come

The time has finally come. What an unbelievable experience. We were spectacularly successful.

We raised an astonishing $316.75 - the 5c was Australian!
When we add the money Erin and Hannah collected at the Athletics Day - $38 that brings us to a grand total of $356.35

KP and Snos have organised Lee from Red Cross to come and talk to our class and collect the money on Monday.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who's going with who?

Transport - worked out by Wiri and Jack
fiona: catie erin ain
robert:ollie mal
dan: josh andy callum
estelle: emz madz bree tc

jas: kelley paris kel

snos: nathan and kelly
{gear} jim kp jack wiri

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Possible Busking Places

Photo A - Outside Downtown - on the left of this photo by the brown wall.

Photo B - also outside Downtown, in front of the reddish wall and part of the shop beside it (anyone know what shop it is?)

Photo C - to the right of the Regent - in front of the Ticket Office (if they'd let us).

We need to choose an area where we won't be blocking shops or anything. We also need to work out where we'll put our sign. We'd be interested in your comments about which location would be better and why. Can you also just fill in the poll on the right. Thanks, Organising Committee.

We have decided on photo A

Monday, November 30, 2009

Copy of the permission letter

Riverdale School
Palmerston North

2 December 2009

Our class is doing a fundraiser to help Samoa as they have had a big tsunami. We have come up with an idea to do busking in town. We will be located outside the Regent on Broadway and Downtown.

We will be doing this on the 10th of December from 12:30 until 1:30.

We will need transport for all students and permission.

(Please fill in the form below and return it to school by Friday the 4th of December).

Yours sincerely
Estelle Pasene and Jack Beaumont

I give my child…………………………… permission to go busking uptown.


I can help with transport and supervision YES/NO
I have …….. seats with seatbelts available.
I have a current New Zealand drivers’ license and a current Warrant of Fitness.
Name …………………………………………

Email or phone ………………………………………………………………..

Signs Committee

We think painted material would be best.
Where would we get the material from? - Ollie - check with Jo
What message will go on it? Needs to be simple, but effective and tell the message
What is the message we want people to understand? We are donating money to help Samoan Tsunami victims. Year Six students from Riverdale School.
Words and picture?
Design team - Rob, Josh, Callum, Ollie

A4 poster for inside of guitar
Design team - Catie and Paris
Same message as material sheet.

Plan deadline - Thursday 3rd Dec
Completion deadline - 7th
Erecting of the signs - Ollie and Rob

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey Qzealanders this is from the Busking organizing team. We are Busking out side the Regent on Broadway and maybe at downtown cinemas.

Red Cross Contacts

245 Main Street, Palmerston North, 4410
PO Box 661, Palmerston North, 4440

Phone: 06 3568152
DDI: 06 3510780
Mobile: 0272307107
Fax: 06 3575092
0800 RED CROSS (733 276)

Red Cross Emails

Hi Kyla

I have passed on your request to our Service Centre in Palmerston North.

Thank you for wanting to help.

Best wishes


Good morning Kyla,

I have read through your queries and of course will be happy to come and speak with your class.I think it important to note though that as John has outlined the only donations Samoa have asked for and New Zealand Red Cross can receive are monetary donations.

Please give me a call or drop me an email when a convenient time would be for me to call you and we can arrange a visit.

Kind regards,

Lee Welch

Area Manager

We should email Red Cross and invite them to LC13 to pick up the money we raise and talk to us. Fi - will ask KP and Snos to do this.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busking in Town

Seek Mrs Peck's Permission
Jack, Hannah, Fi, Emz, Stell
Got it

Jack and Stell - see Mrs Peck to make sure she has the RAMs and it's ok

What will we need to take?
  • Guitars / cases - TC, Ollie
  • Chairs for Emz, Ollie and TC
  • Music stands - TC
  • Percussion for Wiri - Wiri
  • Signs - Rob (Ollie - tell him)
  • Tape for the guitar case - Ollie

Who will go in what car?
Hannah and Wiri to work it out - and let people know before - and work out what cars the gear will be in.

Parents meet here at 11.45. Jack, Fi, Estelle
Leave at 12.00.
Suggest parking in Main Street or wherever they can get a park

Get parent permission if we go into the city
Newsletter and permission slip, transport

Decide how we would get there.
Parent transport - this would also give us parent supervision

Do we need permission from the City Council or shops? Would we have to pay?
Ring the council and ask - We rang and found out we need to let the shopkeepers know.
Ring Regent and ask - they have said yes, but Carncott families may be arriving and leaving
Ring Downtown again to double-check it's ok with them - Jack.

Decide where we will do it
Awapuni for a practice - decided there's not enough time
Choose a safe place where cars aren't going to be - yep
Outside the plaza - not allowed
In the plaza - no groups are allowed.
Outside Supre - no
Final decision - outside Downtown / Regent

Decide when we will do it
We need time to prepare
Need to look at school calendar
10 December 12.30 - 1.30

Decide what we will do?
Sing our class songs with actions
Some solo performances - anyone who wants to. Would need music?
Repeat, because people won't stay for the whole performance
Maybe dance
Need to choose things we already know.

How will we collect the money?
Old suitcase?
Guitar case? - Put some money in to encourage others; money earned at athletics day (Bree's idea)

How will we convince people to donate money?
A big sign
We need a sign committee - Paris, Catie, Callum, Josh, Rob, Ollie
Who would make it?
How would it be held up?

What would we wear?

What will we do?
Iko Iko
Me and Julio
Major Tom
Wild World
The Duck Song
Ghost of Tom
Fountain Song
My Highland Goat
Hello Baby

Solos etc.
I have a Dream - Hannah, Kelley
True Colours - Estelle, Snos
Pokarekare ana - Te Puawai girls
He honore - Grace and Maddie and the Te Puawai girls
I Miss You - Erin

TC needs to make a booklet with all songs and chords

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Donation Bucket at Athletics

Ask permission from Mrs Peck
Erin, KP, Snos, Ain

Get two buckets

Label buckets
Ain and KP

Computer Name tags with Mrs Peck's authorisation
Erin and Snos

When / where will we go around?
Near the coffee cart?
Walk around where there are adults

Who will collect?

How will we publicize?
Loudspeaker - Ask Mr McCallum
Talk to people

How will we keep the money safe?
Money never left unattended
When competing, ask teacher or trusted adult to look after it

Fundraising Idea Preferences

Donation Bucket at the Athletics - Erin, KP, Snos, Ain
Donation bucket at Te Puawai concert - Jim, Jas, Josh, Andy
Donation bucket at choir concert - Estelle, Mal, Maddie, Bree, Kel
Busk / donation buckets in town - Hannah, Fi, Emz, Jack, Paris
Class competition and mufti day, Draw Tsunami or Samoa, fill it with money.  Ask kids to donate - Rob, Ollie, Wiri, Grace, Callum, Catie

Red Cross Email

Dear Kyla and Kylah

Thank you for your message and your kind wish to help the people in Samoa.

We appreciate that there are many people in New Zealand who are looking for ways in which they can help the thousands of people affected by the tsunami and we have been guided by the requests for help we receive from Red Cross in Samoa.

We have received no requests for support other than money. Red Cross Samoa have not asked us for goods or presents. They simply do not have the administrative capacity to coordinate offers of help in these other ways.

We launched the Samoan Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal for funds to assist Red Cross in their disaster response and recovery plans. They have suggested to us that the most pressing needs are supplying fresh water and shelter for the thousands who have lost their homes. These goods are being purchased locally where possible so as to help stimulate the economy.

We have learnt of two schools which organised fundraising coin trails to raise funds for Samoa. Someone chalked the outline of the words Samoa on a pavement or playground then they sought coins to fill in the word. This might be something you could discuss with your class. There are all sorts of other ways to raise funds so have a good discussion and see how many ideas you can come up with.

Once again thank you for your kind offer.

Kind Regards


John Barnett
Fundraising Manager - Individual Giving

New Zealand Red Cross
National Office

69 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington

PO Box 12140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

Phone DDI: +64 4 471 4338
Mobile: +64 27 612 2223
Fax: +64 4 471 8251
0800 478 37437

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

schools in samoa
Copy and paste
this is a list of primary schools


Hae I know this might not help but it worth a try well I'm friends with a Samoan family and they may have contact with some people in Samoa who may have contact with some people who were affected by the tsunami don't get your hopes up but I will ask. (Stell)


have a look at these websites and leave a comment to tell me what you guys think*&fq=country:%22Samoa%22

From Erin , Ain and Fi

Monday, November 2, 2009

Red Cross Contact

These guys might know how to contact people in Samoa or let us know what might be good to put into our shoeboxes.

They are Red Cross, so we know they would be trustworthy.
we could help Samoa by making products and then having a day to sell them and raise money and then post it to them

Idears what we can send to Samoa

We could send stuff to Samoa.
Stuff like food, clothes, money, and clean water
so they could drink the clean water not the bad water
and that why we should send all this stuff to Samoa

South Pacific Tsunami Disaster Recovery Fund

South Pacific Tsunami Disaster Recovery Fund

Debris in the village of Leone, American Samoa

Debris in the village of Leone, American Samoa
Debris near a church in the village of Leone, American Samoa, on Wednesday. (Photo by Raj Borsellino/Reuters)

South Pacific Tsunami Disaster Recovery Fund

South Pacific Tsunami Disaster Recovery Fund
Photo from Progress Report 'GlobalGiving works with local microfinance organization to provide tsunami relief'

These are pix or some of the thing that happend in samoa
click on this

Bad earthquake

helping samoa can day

the whole school could do what we did when we brought cans for the salvation army but we could send the cans to Samoa instead.

  • if you want to wear a mufti top-bring one can
  • if you want to wear a mufti top and pants- bring two cans
  • if you want to wear a mufti top pants and jersey-bring three cans

Gift ideas for samoa

Gift Ideas

Fill you shoe box with one or more items from each something

Teddy bear ,Doll .Soft toy etc

exercise book , pencil case ,Pens ,pencils , sharpener , eraser , chalk etc

T-shirt , shorts , underwear , cap , beanie , sandals , Sandals etc

tennis balls , cars , skipping rope , marbles etc

soap , hair brush etc

carry bag , sun glasses , Jewelry , stickers , Notes to them , stamps , garden seed ( such as vegie seeds ) etc

by Stell ,Erin, Bree

Thursday, October 29, 2009


tsunamis happen by earthquakes, it shakes up the water and it is so powerful that it can knock down trees and even houses and then it shakes it up sooooooooo much it makes a tsunami

Samoan food

Samoan food :
Some Samoan food includes

Sea ( made from the innards a sea slug )

Pe'epe'e ( a sauce made from coconut cream and onions )

Supoesi (a hot sauce made from coconut cream and pawpaw )

( made from coconut cream and pumpkin )

by Erin & K.p

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What do samoan kids need most?

We know that Samoan kids need water bottles with clean water in them and clothes because most of their clothes are gone because of the Tsunami and the clean water that they had has turned to MUDDY YUCKY WATER!!!!

Like Stell and Bree said I saw someone in the weekend and the had boxes going to Fiji with boys and girls stuff in little shoe boxes like tooth brush books water bottles and lots more!!!

Death Toll

As a result os the Samoan tsunami there were over 100 deaths and 165 were left injured.

Some of Samoas main Industries

  • Tourism
  • Fishing
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing

Tourism is their most famous Industry.

What we could do as a class.

On the website bree and I found you can full up shoe boxes with something the child would need such as clothes,caned foods or an old pair of shoes that you dont want anymore also one thing that they could L.O.V.E like a soft toy, toy or a really special note that they could read and know that we are thinking of them. It would be so great for them to receive something like that it would mean the world to them and really it does not cost anything. If everyone just brang like one can of food one pair of clothing or something like that and wrote a note or had a spare toy at home that they didnt want any more then we could full something like 26 boxes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Samoan Currancy

The Samoan Currency is called Tala. Here is a two Tala note

Samoan Poulation

The population of Samoa is 186100, that's this year.


Here is a helpful website that was on the mind meister map
Its really heplful and is a good website to follow from!

Samoan Dance

The traditional Samoan dance is the Siva. This is a bit different to the Hawaiian dance, with small actions of the hands and feet in time to music and it tells a story. Other types of dances are modern dance by the younger people, at bars or nightclubs. Samoan dance is the part of samoa that has not been changed for many years. Unlike several of the other Pacific Islands you will not normally find the dancers performing in grass skirts.

if this doesn't work copy and paste link to another tab

how big was samoa's tsuinami

(Height) (4 to 6 meters)
It went 1.5 kilometers inland.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The population in Samoa is 186,100

Worlds biggest Tsunami

The biggest artificial tsunami.

The biggest Tsunami ever was 1720 feet high. In Lituya bay in Alaska. This is a picture of the area affected. Lituya Bay Map

Questions 27 Oct

Erin and KP - Free spirits
Ollie, Rob - How they do people make Earthquake-proof buildings?
Jim, Kelley - Where and when have tsunamis occurred int the Pacific Ocean?
Wiri, Jack - What happened in the Samoan Tsunami relating to size, height?
Stelle, Bree, Emz, Maddz - What do Samoan kids need most?
Dan, Josh - Samoa population, currency, industry
Fi, Ain - What are the dimensions of the tsunami?
Mal, Andy, Call - What is the biggest tsunami recorded - and related information
Paris, Kel - How do tsunamis occur?
Hannah, Jas - What is the Samoan culture?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Contacting Samoans

This could be a useful link to save us from guessing what the people would want.

I wonder if they could put us in contact with Samoan kids.