Thursday, October 29, 2009


tsunamis happen by earthquakes, it shakes up the water and it is so powerful that it can knock down trees and even houses and then it shakes it up sooooooooo much it makes a tsunami

Samoan food

Samoan food :
Some Samoan food includes

Sea ( made from the innards a sea slug )

Pe'epe'e ( a sauce made from coconut cream and onions )

Supoesi (a hot sauce made from coconut cream and pawpaw )

( made from coconut cream and pumpkin )

by Erin & K.p

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What do samoan kids need most?

We know that Samoan kids need water bottles with clean water in them and clothes because most of their clothes are gone because of the Tsunami and the clean water that they had has turned to MUDDY YUCKY WATER!!!!

Like Stell and Bree said I saw someone in the weekend and the had boxes going to Fiji with boys and girls stuff in little shoe boxes like tooth brush books water bottles and lots more!!!

Death Toll

As a result os the Samoan tsunami there were over 100 deaths and 165 were left injured.

Some of Samoas main Industries

  • Tourism
  • Fishing
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing

Tourism is their most famous Industry.

What we could do as a class.

On the website bree and I found you can full up shoe boxes with something the child would need such as clothes,caned foods or an old pair of shoes that you dont want anymore also one thing that they could L.O.V.E like a soft toy, toy or a really special note that they could read and know that we are thinking of them. It would be so great for them to receive something like that it would mean the world to them and really it does not cost anything. If everyone just brang like one can of food one pair of clothing or something like that and wrote a note or had a spare toy at home that they didnt want any more then we could full something like 26 boxes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Samoan Currancy

The Samoan Currency is called Tala. Here is a two Tala note

Samoan Poulation

The population of Samoa is 186100, that's this year.


Here is a helpful website that was on the mind meister map
Its really heplful and is a good website to follow from!

Samoan Dance

The traditional Samoan dance is the Siva. This is a bit different to the Hawaiian dance, with small actions of the hands and feet in time to music and it tells a story. Other types of dances are modern dance by the younger people, at bars or nightclubs. Samoan dance is the part of samoa that has not been changed for many years. Unlike several of the other Pacific Islands you will not normally find the dancers performing in grass skirts.

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how big was samoa's tsuinami

(Height) (4 to 6 meters)
It went 1.5 kilometers inland.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The population in Samoa is 186,100

Worlds biggest Tsunami

The biggest artificial tsunami.

The biggest Tsunami ever was 1720 feet high. In Lituya bay in Alaska. This is a picture of the area affected. Lituya Bay Map

Questions 27 Oct

Erin and KP - Free spirits
Ollie, Rob - How they do people make Earthquake-proof buildings?
Jim, Kelley - Where and when have tsunamis occurred int the Pacific Ocean?
Wiri, Jack - What happened in the Samoan Tsunami relating to size, height?
Stelle, Bree, Emz, Maddz - What do Samoan kids need most?
Dan, Josh - Samoa population, currency, industry
Fi, Ain - What are the dimensions of the tsunami?
Mal, Andy, Call - What is the biggest tsunami recorded - and related information
Paris, Kel - How do tsunamis occur?
Hannah, Jas - What is the Samoan culture?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Contacting Samoans

This could be a useful link to save us from guessing what the people would want.

I wonder if they could put us in contact with Samoan kids.