Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blue Hat

Busking in Town

Seek Mrs Peck's PermissionJack, Hannah, Fi, Emz, Stell
Got it

Jack and Stell - see Mrs Peck to make sure she has the RAMs and it's ok

What will we need to take?
  • Tune guitar - Khobi
  • Guitar / cases - Khobi-Lee, Faith
  • Tambourine - Sarah
  • Bongos - Ollie
  • Chairs for Faith and TC
  • Music stand - Sarah
  • Signs - Lauren
  • Tape for the guitar case - 

Who will go in what car?
Dylan & Ollie to work it out - and let people know before - and work out what cars the gear will be in.

TimingsParents meet here at 11.45. Sarah & Macy
Leave at 12.00.
Suggest parking 

Get parent permission
Newsletter and permission slip, transport

Decide how we would get there.
Parent transport - this would also give us parent supervision

Do we need permission from the City Council or shops? Would we have to pay?
Ring the council and ask - We rang and found out we need to let the shopkeepers know.
Ring Regent and ask - they have said yes, but Carncott families may be arriving and leaving
Ring Downtown again to double-check it's ok with them - Jack.

Decide where we will do it
Ring the Plaza management to find out
Awapuni for a practice
Choose a safe place where cars aren't going to be - yep
Outside the plaza - not allowed
In the plaza - no groups are allowed.
Final decision - outside Downtown / Regent

Decide when we will do it

Thursday 28th of November: 12.30 - 1.30

Decide what we will do?
Sing our class songs with actions
Some solo performances - anyone who wants to. Would need music?
Repeat, because people won't stay for the whole performance
Maybe dance
Need to choose things we already know.

How will we collect the money?
Old suitcase?
Guitar case? - Put some money in to encourage others
Touch Finals 8 Dec?Hat? 

How will we convince people to donate money?
A big sign

What would we wear?

What will we do?
Iko Iko
The Duck Song
Ghost of John
Fountain Song
My Highland Goat
Hello Baby

Solos etc.
Sarah - Hallelujah

TC needs to make a booklet with all songs and chords

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