Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RAMs by Ollie and Jeffery

Risk Analysis and Management System
Riverdale School

LC13                             Date: 28 November 2013

Situation:  City, outside the Plaza

Undesired Event(s)
Accident, injury, other forms of damage
Occupancy of Campsite and free time.
Causal Factors
     Children wandering away
*     Children running around corners
**     Strangers approaching
*     Falling jellyfish
*     Getting in and out of cars
*     Crossing roads
*     Misuse of equipment
*     Vehicles
*     Benches
*     Concrete ground
*     Roads

Risk Management Strategies
Normal Operation
*     Children involved in safety procedures
*     Specific instructions
*     Boundaries defined
*     Rules to be enforced by adults
*     Roll check before, on arrival and on return
*     Teacher to be notified where pickups will take place.
*     1:6 or better ratio
*     Children wandering off to use toilet
*     Children seatbelted
*     Dropped off without having to cross road
*     Children not permitted to leave the group to use toilet without adult
*     Children must stay with group for the duration

*     Trained first aider present
*     Sufficient adult presence
*     Cars nearby
*     Cellphone

*     Bring children together
*     Communicate with Principal if problems occur

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